Our main profile is walnut and walnut processing

Consuming 5 dkg walnut per day reduces cardiovascular diseases by 11%

It is proven that consuming walnut kernel reduces low density cholesterol in the blood

The amount of C-reactive protein (CRP) in the blood decreases due to walnut diet

The walnut


The walnut tree is a typically highly growing, widely divergent tree with strong branches. It is a spreading, deciduous tree reaching 30 meters in height. The walnut tree is a huge chemical plant producing such substances that are healthy and essential for us. None of these reagents produced by the tree are harmful for humans but they are nutritious, health protective, curative components.


What are these?


Substances of the walnut are vitamine C, juglone, flavonids, tannins, ellagic acid, naucit, glycyrrhizin, proteins, cellulose, quercetin. In the leaves there are caffeic acid, nicotine, tocopherol, serotonin and calcium pectate.

More interesting and detailed information about walnut can be found in the book of Péter Orosz that can be reached here from our website by clicking on this icon:

Book of the walnut

“Eat a handful of walnut kernel a day and your blood’s cholesterol-level will drop.”

Of course, walnut kernel consumption can not completely eliminate the risks because in addition to meals there are other factors (genetics, way of life) that are risk factors but they are beyond the subject of our study. (Let’s stay tightly in the nutshell!)